Observation, Intelligence and Specialist Equipment – modern technology and modern crimes


    Course Abstract
    This five day course provides the opportunity for students to work as individuals and teams in identifying and learning about how field observations can be applied.

    Held at a fully appointed and convenient location, whilst classroom based, there is flexibility to provide an opportunity for a practical (field) exercise.

    Aims and Objectives

    Students will develop their skills in the different types of operational field observations, equipment and technology, and the use of information and evidence obtained.

    At the end of the course the student/participant will be able to:

    • Define Field Observations
    • Describe the different types
    • Explain their application in police operations
    • Discuss the types of equipment that can be used
    • Describe the process for using the information obtained
    • Provide an explanation of the command and control required
    • Demonstrate knowledge of how field observations support the Abu Dhabi Police Mission Vision and Values

    The course is made up of the following units:

    Methods of Field Observations and Equipment

    Human Rights and intelligence gathering

    National Decision-Making Model

    Managing Police Operations Ethically

    Introduction to Intelligence and Evidence



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